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Victor Spahn

Victor Spahn was born on 20 March 1949 in Paris as a second generation Russian. After his secondary education he worked for a mosaic manufacturer and, for pleasure, composed his first mosaic wall. His painting and engraving are the direct result of his extensive work on mosaic techniques. His style suggests movement and dynamism as he captures the essence of a particular moment. Spahn paints with a combination of palette knife and brush and has had great success in lithography, silkscreening and creating hand-embellished graphic works.

Often referred to as the "painter of movement", Victor is inspired by sports, dancers and energetic activities. He paints championship yacht races, rugby matches, ballerinas and tennis stars - each with the same individual grace and rapid movement.

Spahn has exhibited widely, including at the Salon des artistes indépendants in France in 1970. He also won first prize in New York for a mosaic table. Solo exhibitions followed in Paris in 1976 for the Toyota Corporation, at the Wally Findlay Gallery in Chicago, and in Palm Beach, Florida in 1984. In 1981, he designed the set for the television play "Rembrandt of Glass" and created a poster for the 1988 World Handball Championship.

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