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Finance and Tax Optimisation

Galeries Obéniche offers you different financial solutions according to your profile and supports you throughout your acquisition project.


You can indulge yourself by buying a work of art and spread the instalment between 3 and 24 months. We can calculate and adapt your monthly payments according to your budget. It's free with no mandatory contribution, you leave with the artwork on the same day.


Benefits of investing in art:

  • Wealth tax exemption: Wealth tax uncapping tool. Works of art are not subject to ISF.

  • Capital gains exemption after 12 years

  • Inheritance fee reduction

  • Payment of certain taxes with a work of art

  • Possibility to borrow without contribution



Art leasing makes it possible to rent work for a fixed period and to acquire it at the end of the contract by paying a residual part.

  • The artwork must be created by a living artist and exhibited in a public place accessible to employees, customers, and suppliers, ... during the amortization period of the work, ie 5 years.

  • The deduction thus made for each financial year is capped: it cannot exceed the limit of 5‰ (per thousand) of turnover excluding tax, minus the total of payments made in respect of sponsorship.

  • The deduction will be 20% of the purchase price of the work for 5 years

  • Under certain conditions, in particular, if it registered in a fixed asset account, they may deduct the acquisition price from their taxable income in an extra-accounting manner.


  • Tax reduction: the monthly rents are deductible from the IS (Companies) or the IRPP (Liberal professions) (art 238 bis AB of the CGI)

  • Spread out your expenses: spreading the purchase cost over several years: (13 to 48 months)

  • Strengthen your image: develop a high-end image towards your customers, suppliers, etc.



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