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Richard Poumelin

Richard Poumelin started drawing at the age of 16. Always in search of an absolute, artistic creation reveals itself as an answer to his questions.


He became a pupil of Jean-Georges Inca, a painter concerned with the clash of civilizations. In 1999, he stood out with his watercolors and won numerous prizes.


Poumelin now uses a mixed technique of acrylic, oil and graphite. While keeping the subjects clean in watercolor, he offers more material and more contrast thanks to these materials. Lover of nature and particularly of his native Provence, Richard draws from it. The diversity of the landscapes, the scenes of life, the images that appeal to him are all subjects that he transposes onto the canvas with total freedom of expression.


Freed from all academic constraints, he thus expresses his moods of the moment. In addition to his acrylics and watercolors, Poumelin is also an accomplished guitarist. The viewer sometimes finds the musical theme in his paintings. Expressed or not, this sensitivity does not leave him and nourishes each of his paintings.

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