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Raluca Vulcan

Born in 1967, Raluca Vulcan has been passionate about the art of drawing since childhood. Her life is made of twists and turns and risk-taking. After many years spent away from the art world, Raluca left her job as a 3D graphic designer in 2006 to start a professional career as a painter.

A quick passage in two directed painting workshops left her hungry...and she decided to take herself in hand by launching herself as an Autodidact, on instinct, and to participate in Art Shows. Her first participation earned her a prize. Others will follow. She chose a first period centred on Nudes and Portraits, with the realization of "flowered women".

Since 2015, she also treats Urban Landscapes, scenes of life, in a colourful, luminous and intense vision. Her painting is the result of a joyful interpretation of life, which she makes fresh and sparkling with colours.


Since 2017, Raluca has been a Member of the Collège des Donateurs des Lions Clubs de France.

Raluca Vulcan is a member of the Taylor Foundation. She has been awarded the Vermeil Medal for Arts, Sciences and Letters and has received numerous prizes for her work, including the Universe of Arts Prize. She has permanent exhibitions in galleries and is represented in numerous private collections throughout the world: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Colombia, Israel, Japan, Russia.

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