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Dominique Mulhem

Dominique Mulhem was born in 1952 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. In 1972, he exhibited for the first time in Asnières-sur-Seine his work with spray paint and stencils. The same year he began his drawing studies at the art school of the Place des Vosges in Paris.


Dominique Mulhem's holopaintings use the technique of lenticular holography, the technique he learned from its inventor Maurice Bonnet

In the 1970s, Mulhem was one of the first artists to use this technique and is considered one of the pioneers of holography and the first multimedia artist.

The technique of lenticular holography allows either a representation in relief or a change between two images. This work requires a great deal of technical knowledge in different fields and a lot of time. Mulhem has refined both techniques to perfection. Today he is the only artist who makes the changes of images in relief.

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