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Marc Chapaud

Marc CHAPAUD was born in Paris in 1941. He studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1958-59 Architecture section and in 1960-61 Painting section which he left in 1962 after having done several workshops.

Participation in numerous group exhibitions in various galleries both in France and abroad: Paris, Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Louisiana, Ivory Coast, Enghien les Bains, and at the main Parisian fairs In addition to the Léadouze galleries in Cannes and Paris and the Obéniche galleries where his works are permanently presented, Chapaud is also present in Metz, Luxembourg, Brussels and Chicago. What surprises when you discover the works of Chapaud is both their power, their sensitivity and their technical perfection.

Marc Chapaud has become one of the leaders of the French figurative school, thanks to his exceptional pictorial technique linked to very beautiful glazes. He strives to give us a certain reality of things, and knows how to go beyond it with a deep and immanent emotion. Its subtle colors, flooded with silvery light or rare hues like its translucent blue command admiration. He transposes into his landscapes a calm power and the sensitivity of romantic poetry. Chapaud captivates us because his art gives us a glimpse of a universe that is nevertheless usual but never revealed to our gaze by giving birth to the poetry of the most accurate realism. Mastery of features, depth of landscapes. From the mists of the North to the light of Tuscany, Marc Chapaud takes us into his vision of the world filled with sweetness and serenity. This lover of architecture transmits in his work this multitude of vibrations that the sun gives to stone. Witness to its time as well as to the splendors of the past, this 20th century Canaletto is the darling of great collectors; you will not regret the detour by going to admire his latest works.

A very particular luminosity made perceptible by a perfect pictorial technique. Tireless traveler, he is constantly on the lookout for new landscapes (Venice, Rome, Paris, the Châteaux of the Loire…) But the views he chooses and immortalizes on the canvas are never limited to a simple transcription of reality. Rather, they are a sensitive and romantic interpretation. Facades, arches and other monuments capture the silvery light and subtle hues of his palette.

Marc Chapaud bears witness to the passage of time, leaving peaceful landscapes as a legacy for our children.

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