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Giorgio Laveri is a contemporary Italian sculptor. He creates ceramics inspired by the world of cinema, as well as everyday objects. He began his career in television, film and theater in the late 70s. He began to transpose his cinematic experience into the field of artistic experimentation, sculpture.

Laveri is a multidisciplinary artist who creates performances, installations and artworks with a balanced blend of figurative and thematic concepts, persuasive scenographic features and expressive clarity. His medium of choice is third-fire glazed ceramics, a complex and sophisticated technique he has mastered like few others, and which he combines with film and theater, both in terms of subject matter and the ways in which it is presented to the public.

He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Premio alla Carriera (lifetime achievement award) in 2016, awarded by the Nobile Contrada del Nicchio and the Associazione Arte Vasai di Siena (Siena Art Potters' Association).

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