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Krystoff Antier

Born in 1968 on the banks of the Loire, Krystoff has been painting and sculpting since the age of 8, moving from oil, to earth and then to bronze with equal dexterity.

His mastery of technique and gesture are essential elements of his creation in his quest for the ideal form. His works reflect the neo-classical style while bringing modernism. An ability to fix the emotion that is found in his feminine sculptures of remarkable proportions, worked from memory in sandstone or bronze. Women's bodies that he reveals with great modesty. The nonchalance of the postures brings romance. Krystoff in his sculptures reveals the beauty of bodies and souls where he combines serenity and sensuality.

Krystoff has won numerous awards throughout his career and obtained the title of "Master Sculptor" at the International Salon of Eger in Hungary. Present in many private and public collections in France and abroad.

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