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Chantal De Sutter

Belgian artist born in 1959 in Etterbeek, a commune of Brussels. She came to sculpture after meeting Robert de Sutter, another Belgian artist, who became her husband in 1978. Together, they opened a lost-wax foundry and worked for many years creating bronzes for other artists. Today, they devote themselves exclusively to their own work.

Chantal de Sutter creates feminine figures in painted or polished bronze. Femininity, sublimated by long silhouettes and disproportions that accentuate a woman's elegance, is highlighted by her refined work. A renowned artist, Chantal de Sutter stands out for her sculptures with delicate postures, a torso twist highlighting the slender waist of her figures, a hand raised as a sign of distinction, a discreet handbag or even a kick sublimated by a heeled shoe.

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