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Chantal De Block

Belgian artist born in 1959 in Etterbeek, one of the municipalities of Brussels. She came to sculpture after meeting Robert de Sutter, another Belgian artist, who would become her husband in 1978. Together, they opened a lost wax foundry and worked for many years making bronzes for other artists. Today, they only devote themselves to their personal works.


Chantal de Block's world is populated by colorful little girls and animals that seem to have escaped from children's books. Dreamy, playful or laughing, her “Petites”, as if captured on the spot, invite you to immerse yourself in a cheerful and colorful universe where play has its place. Another part of his work is centered on the theme of the Naiads or Nereids, these pretty aquatic creatures like dreamlike sirens. Combining ceramics, pearls, glass paste and bronze shells, Chantal de Block creates childlike and feminine characters with undeniable charm.

Several of her sculptures are public, acquired by Belgian or Italian municipalities. They are then more monumental than the small characters that she usually likes. Chantal de Block has exhibited in Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Her works are permanently exhibited at the Art Espace gallery in Nantes (France).

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