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Alain Bonnefoit

Alain Bonnefoit was born in Paris in 1937. With more than 200 personal exhibitions throughout the world, he is today, one of the most illustrious representatives of the School of Paris, a multi-talented artist (draughtsman, painter, engraver, lithographer, sculptor) world-renowned for the quality and refinement of his works on his favorite theme: the female nude. He never tires of the full and slender curves that the female body offers him without ever revealing its secrets. He celebrates woman, nudity, beauty, and voluptuousness with such talent that he has ben the reference for  more than forty years. 

In addition to oil painting, Alain Bonnefoit is also a master of “Sumie”, a traditional pictorial technique on paper originating in Japan. He alternates between oils and mixed techniques, playing with materials.

He shares his career between Paris (Montmartre) and Italy (Florence), where he has set up his second studio, but also with Japan and Korea.

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