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Cécile Desserle

Born in 1971, the French artist Cécile Desserle has been immersed in the artistic world since a very young age and grew up in her father's ceramic workshop. She trained at the Beaux-Arts in Avignon, her hometown, and in 1996, she entered the Sorbonne to train as a visual artist. At the end of her training, she became a plastic arts teacher, an activity that she still exercises today.

In her work, she feeds on multiple inspirations, from Ernest Pignon Ernest and Jacques Villeglé to street art. For her, technique is essential and must be perfect. To achieve this perfection, the artist uses a plurality of techniques: oil, acrylic, charcoal and collage. This requirement does not prevent her from giving free rein to her imagination, and giving features to sensual and lively women. Femininity is indeed the obsession of Cécile Desserle, femininity that she tries to sublimate in each of her paintings, via movement, expressions, gestures. Sometimes femininity is light, sometimes it is committed.

In 2003, she exhibited for the first time in a gallery. The recognition she enjoys is growing, but the artist does not rest on her achievements and evolves her style regularly, thwarting expectations. The strength of her works also seduced the filmmaker Abdellatif Kéchiche, who found in Cécile Desserle the artist he was looking for to create the works present in his film "La vie d'Adèle", Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. 2013.

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